4 Italian movies that you can watch on Netflix when you don’t have a weekend plan


Ella / November 29, 2019

It lasts a moment and leaves a taste of glory in your mouth. It’s new in every flavor and as with movies, born and reborn in every taster.

Fellini, 1920-1993

Italy is one of the richest countries in terms of culture and history. Talk about the seventh art that is produced in these lands undoubtedly mandatory tapes that have marked and given a solid structure to Italian cinema, such as Bicycle Thief (1948), La dolce vitta (1960) and La strada (1954), just to name a few representative works. Also in their figures, on screen and behind the scenes. As Oscar winner Roberto Benigni, actor and writer, who we certainly remember for the iconic Life is beautiful; Mónica Bellucci, an actress with great merits (Malena, irreversible); or Federico Fellini, the most original and renowned producer in the country in the form of a boot.

Frame of Bicycle Thief, by Vittorio De Sica

Italian cinema highlighted a crucial moment in history. A country plagued by fascism, fanaticism, misery and war could only beget a generation with a peculiar look. Italian neorealism meant a before and after in world cinematography. Crudeness, traces of reality and a certain minimalism, as well as a refined narrative of visually discursive pirouettes characterized a wave that strongly influenced contemporary cinema. Much has happened since World War II marked a scar in the cultural bubble of Europe. Since then the horizons have opened, but the essence, even deep down, is still there. The quality of the Italian celluloid is a valid fact. You only need to watch films by Michelangelo Antonioni or one of the most recent Oscar winners, Paolo Sorrentino. You will surely see several of his productions among the best that have been made in Europe in the last 10 years. In short, the cinema of the heirs of Rome is a world to explore. For that same reason and because not everything is Hollyood, here are 4 Italian movies that you can watch on Netflix over the weekend. Order the pizza, uncover a wine and enjoy.

My Honor Was Loyalty (Alessandro Pepe, 2016)

My Honor Was Loyalty (Alessandro Pepe, 2016)

This film, Pepe’s first opera, who also wrote the script and composed the music, picks up a story from World War II. A war drama without so much blood or big explosions, political drama or world tension. It is not a Hollywood classic about nefarious human beings disguised as American heroes. It is rather a totally human approach and regret on the part of a German army soldier. If you wanted to see actresses and actors speaking in Italian and smoking scene after scene, this may not be what you expect, but it bears the Italian stamp in its DNA.

La migliore offerta or The Best Offer (Giuseppe Tornatore, 2013)

Within the filmography of Giuseppe Tornatore there are exquisite works that involve the delicacy between life and art. A clear example of this is La migliore offerta, in which Geoffrey Rush interprets a detailed art auctionist, Virgil Oldman, with great problems in relating to people. This story tells how his lonely life is, becoming a romantic drama until it becomes a gloomy story. The story and the script were conceived by Tornatore himself, an inescapable name of Italian cinema.

Suburra (Stefano Sollima, 2015)

It is an Italy-France co-production, adaptation of the homonymous novel by Giancarlo De Cataldo. The Subura or Suburra was a vast and populous neighborhood of Ancient Rome. The life of Deputy Malgradi, accustomed more and more to excesses, strong drugs and luxuries, is disrupted when he is involved in the death of a prostitute, so he opens the way to the different spheres of organized crime. Entertaining and full of action, investigate how criminal groups work and how money moves an insatiable society of power.